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  • 2014



    Decades of industry experience, focusing on the production and processing of high-precision, difficult, and complex shaped precision parts
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    Serving customers across the country

    Having friendly and all-round cooperative relationships with Chinese and foreign companies
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    Plant area

    Our constant pursuit is to serve new and old customers with advanced technology and excellent product quality

Product Center

Provide customers with the production and processing of various precision parts

The achievement of cooperation stems from satisfaction with us

Our products are widely used in aerospace, rail transit, engineering machinery, wind power generation, automotive manufacturing, and more

Qingdao Kaishuo Automation Technology Co., Ltd

About us

Qingdao Kaishuo Automation Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Chengyang District, Qingdao City. It is a technology company that integrates scientific research, mechanical manufacturing, automation, intelligent IoT, and electronic product sales. The company has a research workstation, and the main processing equipment planned for Phase I is: 11 dual table horizontal machining centers, 2 vertical machining centers, 2 CNC lathes, and 1 three coordinate machine.



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